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The Full Story

We are 100% self-funded and looking to turn our organization into a full-time endeavor as we grow. We want to expand our ability to devote our lives to this business while staying true to why we formed it in the first place. Below you will find some options for providing us financial support while supporting art, mental health, sustainability, education, and more. If you are not able to support us financially, please consider following us on social media, reading our blogs, educating yourself and telling your friends about us.

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Social Media

Following and engaging with us on social media helps expand our reach and potentially connect with people and organizations we would previously not cross paths with. Your engagement generates feedback which helps us develop relevant, exciting content, and your support on social media allows us the platform to spread our message far and wide.

Educate Yourself

The most powerful tool anyone can possess is knowledge. It is true that when you stop learning, you stop growing. Make an active effort to get to know the natural world intimately, to understand the political process in your region, and to prioritize mental health and solutions for problems associated therewith, Observe, seek knowledge, ask questions, get involved, and never lose your desire to learn more. Try to learn from a variety of sources to reduce confirmation bias, and allow your mind to be open to new things. 

  • Check out our Eco Library to learn more about the natural world, how humans and the environment can be co-dependent, and more

  • Check out our Mindset Library for resources we cherish about personal values and beliefs, mental health resources and more

Check Out Our Art

Both of us enjoy creating art, both for fun and as a creative outlet in support of our mental health. Consider perusing our prints in the below galleries and purchasing some of our pieces. The work below is 100% original and was created through a variety of mediums, including photography, painting, etc. 


In the interest of discarding pre-loved clothing that is in good condition in a sustainable way, we have set up a DePop page to help fundraise for our organization. Peruse our storefront and feel free to message us within the app for questions relating to items for sale. Standard shipping rates apply.


M.E. Society is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, and depending on the nature of your contribution, it may be tax deductible. Please keep receipts/invoices of any financial support you provide to M.E. Society for tax purposes.

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